Adventures in the State-Church: Part 2

Last year, I took an obligatory intro-level biology course at my state-church. The instructor was a batty old woman who’s unchanging facial expression gives the impression she once took a loooong trip. She was very unpleasant to listen to and hostile towards questions…but that’s beside my point.

This instructor felt the need to use her position to instill some virtue in her audience. On one occasion, she  gave us a sales pitch for her favorite brand of condom. She also liked to lecture us about how our lifestyles were unfair to the planet. Maybe the most absurd anecdote I can remember was a time when she took a few minutes out of her lecture on evolution to explain why a graphic used in the textbook was racist. It was one of those ‘evolution of man’ diagrams. Sort of like this one…


She reasoned that because the ape on the left is black and the human on the right is a Caucasian, it is implied that light skin is more evolutionarily advanced.

This same teacher liked to assert that all humans belong to a single species. “Its a scientific fact!” she would shriek. That’s what the state-clergy like to call their opinions.

Never mind that distinction between species due to reproductive isolation is commonplace. Just ask the Meadowlark or the Fruit Fly. Why then, can’t we acknowledge that different types of humans exits? I guess it just doesn’t fit their narrative.


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