Can You Believe This Shit?

I was overwhelmed yesterday by heaps of bullshit. The propagandists were out in force. From the news stand, to my web feed and the radio…even the president got in on the action. I decided to vent my frustration about a couple stories.

Matt O’brien (Washington Post “Reporter” and first class wanker) recently wrote an article in which he talks about the roughly half of Britain in favor of Brexit as if they were a bad rash. The cure, he suggests, is economic growth. Brilliant! Apparently, what appears to be a movement to preserve the integrity of a great nation is  really just an unfortunate symptom of 3% annual growth. Somebody should get the treasury on the phone and tell them to dial that up a notch or two. The frustration felt by Brits, he would allow you to believe, is primarily due to the unjust regulation of vacuum cleaners. If only a person thinks, says O’brien, its clear that the whole thing is completely unreasonable. Never mind that many British CEOs expect their businesses to do better if they leave the UE. Never mind that at least one IMF economist has attributed various dire predictions to hype. Never mind that what is really at stake is the very sovereignty of the country. This wanker O’brien only feels the need to cite one opinion before shitting on the millions of people who are stupid enough to hold an alternative view point. That’s the name of the game; stats and snarkiness.

On my side of the pond, the president  got on TV  to assure us that everything was in order. Unemployment is down, he says. People are paying mortgages, he says. “The notion that somehow America is in decline” Obama explains condescendingly “is simply not borne out by the facts.” It seems that the viewer is meant to believe that naysayers simply haven’t taken the time to check the figures. It all very simple and so are the folks who disagree. Never mind that Obama cherry picks economic indicators and methods for defining those indicators. Never mind that by other metrics, including median wage and child poverty levels, the US really is declining. Never mind that the real decline is the undermining of the values our country bas built on. Obama’s message is designed to reassure the self-righteous fuckwits who are ruining America that they’re right and anyone who says otherwise is simply ignorant. Stats and Snarkiness, that’s their go to play.

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