Trump’s Get Rich Quick Scam

-Video from Metalocalypse

We’ve all heard about get-rich-quick scams. They prey on our laziness and desire to get where we want to be without the time and effort required by other means. Whether its the prince of some obscure nation who just needs your bank information or an investment that can’t fail. You’ve probably been solicited to invest in some of these things and were wise enough not to. Still, every day people are tricked into pyramid schemes and the like. In the most regrettable instances, people’s livelihoods are destroyed by con men.

Recently, folks have been making a lot of noise about the large sums of money swindled away from the victims of Trump University. The program, which promised to educate it’s students on the business of real estate, charged tens of thousands of dollars in some instances. Students of the program have complained that they weren’t given any special skills or knowledge that justify the investment. Some have said plainly that Trump’s school is a “scam” and a “fraud”.

I find it a little ironic that many who are eager to point a finger at Trump and call foul have no problem with a similar, much larger, ‘education’ scam. The University system has been at this much longer than Trump. To date, millions of young people (and often their parents) have been fooled into devoting enormous energy and resources into attaining so-called Mickey Mouse degrees. This includes college majors such as Media Studies, Art History, and Women’s Studies. Victims of these scams are left with empty pockets and no real marketable skills. It’s all the more tragic that the government endorses it. So where is the outrage? Why pick on Trump? At least he doesn’t get revenue through taxation.


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