An Open Letter to My Limey Cousins

Image by Ben Garrison

The set of ideas espoused by what Americans call ‘the left’ is toxic. For any culture to ingest these ideas is suicide by pain of poison. Victims of this poison include Catherine’s Russia,  Napoleon’s France, and Bismark’s Germany. Merkel has poisoned(1 2) the well in the village of European states. The great nations of the United Kingdom must now amputate a rotting limb.

Between the first and second world wars, the French nation lost it’s will to survive. It’s death rattle was the words of pacifist spokesman Jean Giono who said “What’s the worst that can happen if Germany invades France? Become Germans?” Three years later, the Nazis invaded and there was no will to resist them. Unfortunately for the young and mighty German nation as well as the Russian Empire, the symptoms of the late France were contagious. Germany succumbed to a nationalist strain of disease and Russia to a universal strain which was more natural to it’s expansionist tendencies.

The European Union is Hitler’s legacy, nursed back to health by well meant idealist policy makers of the United States. This Frankenstein’s monster threatens to swallow up the legacies of Margaret Thatcher, Winston Churchill, Isaac Newton, John Stuart Mill, Edmund Burke, and Robert the Bruce. If a vote does not pass to to free the United Kingdom from it’s clutches; I will mourn it’s fate. As the American ship takes on water and a dedicated crew struggles to keep it afloat, we are also praying for our cousins across the pond. If it is our fate to decline to the point of failure, I would take some comfort in knowing that the flame of civilization was kept alive else where.



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