Will Paul be Johnson’s Goldwater?

In 1964, Barry Goldwater was the republican candidate for president of the United States. He was crushed by Lyndon Johnson in the electoral college; 52 votes compared to 486. However, Goldwater’s campaign was a turning point in the history of the Republican Party. He campaigned on a promise of preserving and extending individual freedoms for American citizens. Though he failed to be elected, his message inspired many.

During the subsequent administrations of Johnson, Nixon, and Carter; the American people watched the government grow and liberty recede. There was plenty of blame to go around. After all, it was Nixon, a Republican, who allowed for the creation of the EPA and ESA; both major expansions of federal control.

Finally, the American people had had enough. When the charismatic Ronald Reagan offered them Goldwater’s message once again in 1980, he received landslide support. All but three states were won by Reagan in his race against the incumbent President Jimmy Carter. Reagan lost only Minnesota when he ran for re-election in 1984 and is still a beloved figure for most conservatives. He was the last best president in our history.

I cannot help but see some parallels between this series of events and what I have seen in the last few presidential elections. After President Clinton’s liberal administration was replaced by Republican George Bush, many liberal minded conservatives were disappointed with the same ole’ big government and bailouts for the banks. President Obama has taken us further away from the liberal ideal than we have been at any time in modern history.

All the while, Ron Paul was fighting the good fight and losing even worse than Goldwater did. However, like Goldwater, Paul’s message has reached many of us and inspired a new generation of pro-liberty Americans. Now, the Libertarian party is coming into it’s own.


I feel like this image encapsulates the outlook of many Americans and it means opportunity for a new voice.


The major obstacle for third party candidate has always been the funding and advertising system which favors the major parties. However, Trump’s campaign seems to be out of money. In addition, Gary Johnson (the Libertarian candidate) is polling in the double digits. With just a bit more progress, he will be eligible to participate in the televised presidential debates.

As for Hillary, I think the odds are against her. It seems more appropriate at this point that she should be drawn and quartered than sworn into office. Even the liberal media isn’t letting her off the hook anymore.


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